Boerie, that's us.

🇿🇦 Meet the Makers 🇿🇦

John and Tim, a father and son team, passionate about excellent food. What those two lay their hands on is done properly. Owning a small butchery in Sterkspruit, John has perfected his Boerie recipes since 1992 and brought them with him when he came to the UK in 2002. His son Tim founded the award winning artisan bakery The Street Bakeshop in Old Basing where many of the Boerie products are available to buy or are used on the menu. These two are foodies throughout and experts in deliciousness. 
It’s not for nothing that we say, at Boerie, the Flavour is King. 


How we work

All our sausages are made in small batches from the best ingredients we can find and according to proper South African recipes. Due to British Food Safety Regulation you will find a small number of preservatives in our sausages, but we are keen to keep these to an absolute minimum. 

We make our sausages in Basingstoke, Stroudley Road, RG24 8UQ. We ship nationally from there and on Fridays you can collect pre-orders directly from our site. Our sausages can also be bought a few miles down the road at The Street Bakeshop in Old Basing. 

Our Products 


Boerewors is a curled up beef and pork sausage that is traditionally braai'd (bbq'd). You can braai (bbq), fry or grill it. We sell ours in 500g packs which is generally enough for a family of four.We make different flavours: Traditional, Garlic, Chilli and Cheese. Traditional and Cheese are our most popular.



Biltong is dried and cured beef (we sell ours sliced); a delicious and insanely nutritious snack, bursting with flavour and packed with protein.
We sell ours in packs of 250g or 500g. 

We have a purpose build drying chamber where we can manage humidity levels so the Biltong comes out delicious every single time. We do not heat our Biltong at all. Instead we allow it enough time to dry at ambient temperature which gives the Biltong the excellent deep flavour. 


Biltong Dryer



Droewors or Dry Wors translates to 'dried sausage'. A South African delicacy, deliciously-spiced and a nutritious snack, bursting with flavour and packed with protein. We sell ours in packs of 250g or 500g.  



Kasegriller/Cheese Griller is a smoked pork and beef sausage with oozy cheese. Fabulously indulgent and great braai'd (bbq'd), fried or grilled. We sell ours in 500g packs which is generally 5 sausages. 



Pork Sausages

We make our Pork Sausages from whole cuts of British pork and a classic blend of spices. A great banger made with the same meticulous attention as our Boerewors.